Montmorillon, the book town

(15 minutes from la Trimouille)

Welcome to Montmorillon’s Cité de l’Écrit. This is a book lover’s paradise, but with its winding cobbled streets, medieval buildings and a painter’s view at every turn, the Cite de l’Ecrit has plenty to occupy even the least bookish for a morning or afternoon.[Read more]

La Trimouille

La Trimouille is on the banks of the river Benaize and there are many marked walking trails to help you discover the area. In the village there is a collectors museum including toys, model cars and much more to enjoy.
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Angles sur l’Anglin

(40 minutes from la Trimouille)

Angles sur l’Anglin is one of France’s charming medieval towns with a water mill and the remains of the castle. Explore the picturesque narrow streets and visit the workshop where they produce fabric.